Templates for FeatureMap

Templates for User Story Mapping can be rather broad and different. FeatureMap as a tool offers not only the canvas for User Story Mapping Methodology, but at the same time, a whiteboard of possibilities in how you approach your maps’ organisation. You really can name any column and layer, complete with aggregation and values.

At times, starting from scratch, or making a new map can be a little daunting. Sometimes you just need to see a bit of inspiration or examples to understand the scope of the tool.

Here is a set of 6 example templates of how to best build your map, and get started:

How to Copy an Example to your Dashboard

If you like the look of the example template, you can easily copy the entire Map to your Dashboard to get started. You can then edit, remove, delete, amend, and make your own map using the shell as an example.

To copy, when viewing the template, click “Copy to my Dashboard” at the top right.

If you cannot see the button, you may need to log in first.

At the top right, you can click “Copy to Dashboard” to copy this map to your own account to edit and amend.

Check out our list of templates below, and if you create a unique Map or something you think could be shared as a template, do share it with us!

Application for Lending Electronics

This is Product Owners roadmap for a development team, it was specced out and covered a tool that was designed to share and lend electronics in the local community.

The team using FeatureMap came together from all departments and built the customer journey.

A Product Owner’s Roadmap

Audio Finder Project

This is a project manager’s backlog for work to be completed on the application to find and purchase audio files, and mp3s. This is a snapshot of the tool under development with it’s MVP defined and work midway through it’s first sprint.

The tool was picked up by the new team as it had stalled, the new team used FeatureMap to define the MVP and continue forward.

A project manager overview

Christmas Gift Organisation

This is a fun tool that one of our developers created to help them go shopping for Christmas. They literally created a list of people, ideal gifts and a process to keep on top of making their holidays stress-free.

It’s a fun map, and shows that you can bend FeatureMap to really cater to all sorts.

A self project management list

Goals Listing for App

This is a map designed to be the users UX flow through the first opening and learning of their application. It is designed as a goals orientated application, a to-do list app.

The solo dev, wanted to clearly see a path of what the persona of a user wanted to experience. They then were able to outline and define the steps and convert the journey into a sprint.

User journey flow for UX planning

Marketing and Email strategy Ideas Board

This is a map that a project manager and marketer created to help them identify a workflow and the requirements. Instead of a MVP and sprint, they operated with a very human “Must Have, Need and Nice to have” flow, allowing a bit of freedom while helping one another adhere to a set of rules.

It’s a step away from the usual design of what FeatureMap was made for, but as we said at the start. FeatureMap can be a canvas and only limited by your design.

A project manager implementing a system using a map.

MovieBuddy App Roadmap

Moviebuddy has been our go-to example for years. It’s from a product owner’s perspective, but also caters to the entire team.

MovieBuddy is an application to build a list of your movies for record keeping. The map expands, both through sprints horizontally, but also vertically it explores new features, sections and upgrades.

In the map you can see how it grows from being a simple record keeping piece of software, to a software for sharing, compiling automatically, finding new recommendations, complex listings and integrated wish lists.

Take a look and it may just inspire you.

Moviebuddy is our original example, it shows a fleshed out map of sprints and features.

So now its your turn…

You have some examples, some inspiration and hopefully some ideas.

If you’ve made a map, or a new design, reach out to us and share with us the map and template.

One beautiful benefit of FeatureMap is having maps shared with us and seeing the new and wonderful ways that imagination has been captured and put down into a map.

If you want to copy any of the maps, simply click “copy to dashboard”

Happy Mapping all!